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Dear user, please provide the following services for optimum use of carefully consider sandy candy store.

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General rules:

When you use the services of sandy candy store, online order or buy your records or e-mail you send to the sandy candy store, this communication is done electronically if the request you will comply with all rules and procedures, you agree that sandy candy store electronically (via e-mail, short message service) to answer your question.

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Also for event notification, services or special offers, it is possible for members of sandy candy store web site send email or SMS. If users do not wish to receive such emails and text messages can subscribe to newsletter sandy candy store on your profile override.

Electronic communications:

Note that the number is 50002015020295 sandy candy store for users and their customers through Short Message Service (SMS) service. So send any SMS’s online store sandy candy, with any number of other violations and abuses of the Internet sandy candy store name and if you receive such an SMS, please notify Info@sandy-family.ir to pursue it. Also 50002015022297, texting is the status of order processing system to notify users sandy candy store oldman is clear that there is no possibility to receive your messages via this number.

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Sandy candy store private information of people who use the site service, respect and protect it.

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